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Mobile Applications

Being a full-service agency, our technology team works with our client’s technical counterparts to bring mobile development initiatives to fruition. We are also technically versed to support development efforts on server-side technologies, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, and other technologies required by the overall mobile initiative.

We have full in-house support for the following mobile technologies and platforms: 
Apple’s iOS on iPhone, iPad, iPod 
Google’s Android Smartphones and Tablet
Microsoft Windows Phone 7
RIM’s BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablet
The Mobile Web has changed dramatically over the last few years.  Gone are the days of  ”WAP sites”, white pages, blue hyperlinks, a scarcity of images, and user experiences unworthy of surfing on the go.  Most smartphones and tablets are now equipped with a desktop-grade web browser capable of viewing almost any website made for regular-sized screens.  Furthermore, these devices are now supporting advanced web technologies such as HTML5, and allowing native application-like features such as offline-ability and geo-location.
More than ever, with these powerful web browsers on smartphones and tablets, and users expecting a certain level of offering, there is a need for optimized mobile website and experiences.  At Yashi, we help create and build a customize web experience that brings users back to your mobile site.  We don’t just shrink sites, but rather shape out a mobile experience optimized for users on-the-go.
Mobile commerce started with text messaging (SMS) where consumers were able to purchase content or products by texting into a premium shortcodes. The transaction would go through immediately and the consumer would get charged through their mobile carrier bill. Mobile commerce has dramatically evolved since those early days and users are now able to browse products, search and use their credit cards to finalize the purchases. Mobile commerce experiences can happen through mobile web and mobile applications and their sophistication can differ across the various mobile platforms.
Our mobile commerce services and expertise allow us to provide our clients commerce solutions that follow best practices, create extraordinary experiences and maximize on monetization capabilities through the mobile channel.
The following are the subset of services for m-commerce: Mobile shopping and storefronts, Mobile ticketing, Mobile vouchers and coupons, Mobile loyalty cards and programs, Mobile payments and micro-payments.