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External Department
At Yashi, we like to work with selected clients on a retainer basis as we believe that constant activities need to be carried out continuously to support and promote your business.
We will become part of your team with regular meetings, respecting deadlines to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and that our efforts obtain the best results possible.
The most obvious benefits to employing Yashi as your external department is that instead of hiring just one person, you obtain: A whole team focused on your business, A multilingual group with different skills, expertise and experience, A fresh point of view and advice on your business, Consultancy and motivation on a regular basis, No extra employment fees such as health care, vacations, sickness etc, Inspiration, ideas and brainstorming
From our experience, most businesses undermine their efforts by employing several companies to oversee different aspects of their campaigns or projects in an attempt to save money and Yashi is welling to share this opportunity with you within your budget or even less ensuring that you achieve your goals.
Yashi gives you a full marketing package!
Allow us to be your secret weapon, constantly reviewing and renewing your marketing campaign, fine-tuning your overall strategy rather than working on a piecemeal, project by project basis.

Brand Creation

Starting a new business can be an exciting time, but you should make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd. Yashi has wide experience in helping new companies to decide on such marketing essentials as corporate logos, slogans and strap-lines ensuring that – even if you’re entering a congested marketplace – your company stands out from the crowd. If your business is already established we will make sure that we maintain the brand identity throughout all material, including creating a brand manual if you do not already have one.


At least one monthly meeting will be held to brainstorm new ideas, plan and examine feedback. This is your chance to sit down with the team and discuss your aims and objectives for the month ahead. Every month we prepare an action plan from this meeting so all parties involved will know exactly what will need to be prioritized the following month.


Yashi undertakes to research the market and define the competition. This will ensure that we are fully apprised of your product or service and the existing market.

Advertising and Marketing Plan

Yashi undertakes to prepare a full advertising and marketing plan that takes all previous marketing activity into account. The resultant plan will be drawn up with due consideration of budget and target market. Yashi will at all times negotiate the best price possible for advertisements.

Website Design, Creation & Maintenance

Yashi can design, construct and write the content of your website. Whether you already have a corporate site but would like to obtain better results with targeted SEO content or a new company starting from scratch, Yashi has the expertise to build and maintain your website, ensuring that you present a fresh, up-to-date face to your potential clientele.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are an effective way to draw potential customers to your website. However, few businesses have the time to ensure that their Facebook profiles or Twitter identities are regularly updated and a poorly maintained social media page is worse than not having one at all. Yashi can write an agreed number of Facebook messages and Tweets per month and upload them, ensuring that your social media presence is constantly maintained.

Content marketing including blogs

Contemporary marketing philosophy holds that nurturing a relationship with one’s clients is a far more effective tool than bombarding them with advertising. One of the best ways to provide your clientele with high quality information is via a corporate blog. Whether you use this to feature information about new products or services or as an informal platform to keep them abreast of your activities at trade fairs and exhibitions, Yashi can set up your blog and provide a set amount of top quality monthly content. We can also research and produce copy for other relevant blogs within your industry.

Copywriting (Arabic & English)

Whether on websites and blogs or in brochures, press releases and newsletters, good quality copy should be taken as read, yet companies frequently undermine their best efforts with poorly written, ungrammatical and misspelled text. Yashi is able to produce succinct and effective writing for all your marketing material in both Arabic & English. We also specialize in producing web content.

Graphic Design and Print Management

We have a wealth of experience in designing such essential materials as websites, flyers, business cards, advertisements, point of sale material and much more. We also offer a full print management service, obtaining estimates on your behalf and working with printers to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

While multinational corporations and large companies have the financial resources to maintain an in-house marketing department, smaller businesses do not have this luxury. It is, however, even more imperative that they keep potential clients informed of their products and services. Historically it has been common practice to spread the marketing budget over several companies, entrusting the purchasing of advertising space to one, the design of marketing materials to another, the Public Relations aspect to a third, leading to a complex, confusing and potentially costly process.

Press Releases

We will write and distribute press releases and liaise with appropriate publications. The press release will be tailored in accordance with the media target. We can also write articles suitable for local, nationals and international magazines and newspapers, although as always with media coverage, we cannot guarantee that these will always be published.


1. Monthly meeting and Action plan
2. Monthly timesheet of hours spent 
3. Motivation and new ideas 
4. Brainstorm sessions 
5. Creative input 
6. Research
7. Monitoring of results 
8. Multi-cultural and multilingual team 
9. A clear focus


1. Design 
2. Construction
3. Maintenance
4. Developing 
5. Implementing of Meta data, keywords etc. 
6. Installation of Google analytics or other


1. Press releases 
2. Newsletters 
3. Blogs 
4. Articles 
5. SEO friendly copy for web 
6. Interviews 
7. Radio scripts


1. Copywriting in both English and Spanish
2. Design set-up 
3. Programming in HTML
4. Management of transmission 
5. Data capturing 
6. Database compilation


1. Creation of press release 
2. Distribution to rele`vant press 
3. Research of relevant press
4. Online distribution of press releases
5. Liaison with press (both Spanish and English) 
6. Journalist trials
7. Invitation of press to events


1. Banner ads
2. Online directory listings
3. Facebook Ads
4. Adwords campaigns


1. Setting up relevant social media accounts
2. Blogs 
3. Copywriting
4. Daily maintenance of your social media accounts
5. Research and implementation of social media trends
6. Creative input in social media strategy


1. Research of relevant media and methods 
2. Negotiation with media
3. Creation of a plan according to budget
4. Executing of all steps in plan 
5. Booking of adverts and keeping to deadlines


1. Copywriting in both Arabic and English 
2. Articles to distribute to relevant article databases
3. Blog entries to external blogs 
4. Print or online newsletters with focus on content


1. Semi professional photography
2. Coordination with professional photographers 
3. Photoshop work 
4. Illustrations 
5. Use of image stock library to which Redline subscribes


1. Coordination of events/launch parties 
2. Print management 
3. Merchandise research and design  
4. Coordination of translations to other languages 
5. Small videos for YouTube 
6. Secretarial services


1. Corporate branding 
2. Logos and design manual 
3. Brochures/flyers/magazines/
4. Adverts
5. Outdoor advertising signs such as billboards 
6. Business cards, stationary 
7. Exhibition material
8. Personalized QR code 
9. Web site and banners