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Campaign Optimization

The world of marketing has changed and is changing every day. What works today, may not work tomorrow. How do you stay ahead of the game? Optimization keeps your campaigns focused, fresh and relevant, and ahead of the pack. Research, testing, campaign reporting and web analysis are the tools necessary for optimizing campaigns from beginning to end. Whether you are doing lead generation or customer acquisition, you need to know who you are speaking to and what they are interested in to get their attention.

The challenge in campaign management used to be that there was not enough information available to target your audience, your message and your media. Now, there is so much information that it is difficult to assimilate it all. We don’t only have the tools but we also have the experience to streamline campaign reporting and provide better strategies for lead generation and customer acquisition.
Since optimization is a continuous process that encompasses all disciplines in your online and offline marketing strategies, you can start at any point. But, the best place to begin is with your target audience. We take your current customer base and define the characteristics of your best customers through audience profiling. With this information in hand, we use modeling to build a profile of your ideal customer which we use to increase customer acquisition response rates. Customer profiling provides the link for retention programs to determine how your customers are responding to specific offers to lower attrition and your retention costs.
When you increase your response rates and sales while you simultaneously lower your costs you are optimizing your marketing budget. Continuous testing, monitoring and interpreting of data responses keeps you in touch with your audience. Applying the intelligence reduces wasted messages, lowers your cost and allows for effective campaign management.
Marketing Campaign Optimization depends on analysis and refinement. If your approach is not working, you need to change it. By applying best practices for testing and web analysis, we have the tools to track how and where your message is being read. We interpret this information and can summarize it for you in reports that you can use to make tactical decisions. The data is available — now it’s about how to use it effectively.